Best User Interface

The best user interface which I have used in my experience is Wikipedia page. The sheer amount of information in one search on Wikipedia compared to other search engines, which often provide little useful knowledge on each of hundreds, if not thousands, of results, can be found more concisely (and perhaps safely) than through traditional means.The most important thing about Wikipedia page  is that everything is categorically organised.It list the definition and further illustrates various points to explain the topic. Usually a definition contains some topics which also requires some explanation. For that the word is marked as blue and a hyper link is associated with it which points to Wikipedia page for its explanation. Hence it becomes quite easy to navigate from one content to another content with the help of hyperlink. Wikipedia shows an image which helps to further explain the topic.They have also incorporated animated images to engage a user with the computer interface. An animated version for demonstrating the  problems like “Knight's Tour problem” clearly helps the user to  understand the problem in a nice and a convenient way. Wikipedia also shows table of contents of a respective pages after the definition . It illustrates all the various sub contents under the heading and gives an hyperlink in order to go to the respective heading.The table of contents  also helps user to quickly skim through the whole page at once and helps to find any related information about the topic.

Wikipedia home page involves one of the important interacting features and act as a bridge between user and computer interface.The heading “Did You Know” covers lots of interesting topics and helps to engage user with the Wikipedia site.Wikipedia also provides its content in various languages and the complete list of languages is alphabetically categorized and is seen on the left side of the page.It helps the user to choose and display the content in their respective language.

Generally, the goal of human-machine interaction engineering is to produce a user interface which makes it easy (self explanatory), efficient, and enjoyable (user friendly) to operate a machine in the way which produces the desired result. This generally means that the operator needs to provide minimal input to achieve the desired output, and also that the machine minimizes undesired outputs to the human.Since Wikipedia is advertisement free , it saves a lot of time for user to close unnecessary advertisement and a user does not get distracted while going through the content of a particular page. It provides an easy , efficient and enjoyable experience to the users.

Though there are some suggestions which can make Wikipedia even better. Even though they have pictorial representation of the content but sometimes a small video illustrating the topic could be really helpful. Moreover , It can give an option to the user in case user wants to play video or not. Second all the hyperlinks given in a Wikipedia page links to another Wikipedia page. Sometimes a more detailed explanation of a subject can be found on a different site. An external link is already given at the bottom page of Wikipedia but Wikipedia can incorporate these links in the content itself only , thus bridging the gap between user and computer interface. They can use a different coloring scheme in order to highlight the difference between a link to wiki page or a link to different page. Third , Wikipedia edit page  is not user friendly. If you don’t know how to program or if you’re not previously familiar with mark-up text, it is hugely discouraging. The current support for text editors is not much of a help.

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