Worst User Interface

Worst user interface which I have ever come is "www.timesofindia.com". It  is an Indian English-language daily newspaper.  Indian Readership Survey (IRS) ranks the Times of India as the top English daily in India by readership.Though being as the number one paper , my experience regarding user interface is one of the worst. According to me ,  designing fancy animated User Interface, that slows down or requires multiple taps or interactions spoils the interaction between user and a computer. Good User Interface design means,it should be easy to use instead of great looking user interface because eye-pleasing look can only attract viewers. But easy to use will drive app towards user acceptance. The worst part of the site is while clicking through a link , an advertisement suddenly pops up and the user accidentally clicks it. This leads to opening a different page and the hampers the interaction between a computer and the user. It consumes extra  time as well as involves unnecessary consumption of bandwidth. Besides, this unintentional click on the advertisement  gives a wrong data statistics to the retail e commerce industry. Since e commerce industry monitors the advertisement click with respect to each user so , it leads to a bad advertisement experience for the user when he logs in the next time. It might show an irrelevant  advertisement  to the user.

Second,while scrolling through the page sometimes any irrelevant video with sound is automatically played which distracts the user's attention and the entire  focus is shifted to stop the video. Though turning off flash player is always an option but this will again cause trouble for the user if in case the user wants to play a video in which he is actually interested.

There are couple of things which can be done to make a better user experience with the site. First of all , popping up of advertisement should be avoided. A separate link for advertisement  at the bottom of the page could be one of the better solutions for it. Second , automatic buffering and playing of video should be as minimum as possible.If the user wants to interact with the video interface , user should be given an option to play it as well as stop it.  Once the user plays the video , automatic suggestion for another video could be very helpful and a pleasant experience if in case he interacts with the computer interface for the  next time .Third ,  Instead of illustrating all the contents on one page , it should be categorically listed and a hyper link must be associated with each heading if in case a user wants to know more information about the content. All above thing could lead to a better user experience.

There could be many reasons for the way things turned out the way it did . I will shed some light on few of them.The main reason which I believe for popping up of advertisement in between the content is to get immediate attention. Once you click an advertisement , you are bound to  have a glimpse of content. This could sometimes lead to increase in sale for a particular  product. Another reason for having a lot of content and advertisement on one page is the lack of coordination between User Interface designers and the marketing teams. User Interface designers are not always sure about which content is more suitable for which product and putting everything on one page seems to be a probable solution.

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